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to wear a bra to class or to not wear a bra to class that is the question

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John Watson - Character Development

Season 1, Episode 1 => Season 3, Episode 2.

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Oh. My heart. Sherlock helped him get to the point where he could stand up and say that he is someone. He is a very competent someone. And just….We all know that John made Sherlock a better , happier person. It’s so lovely to be reminded that Sherlock made John a better, happier person too.


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"Irene Adler may be Sherlock’s “evil twin,” but John Watson is the Yang to his Yin. They create a perfect balance when they work together, and as partners they are highly efficient. When Irene has John kidnapped so she can confront him in an abandoned building (actually the Battersea Power Station), she accuses him of jealousy. “Once and for all, in anyone still cares, I am not gay!” John protests. “I am,” Irene reminds him, “Where does that leave us?” she asks honestly. John clearly loves Sherlock - or else he would not threaten Irene into telling his friend the truth about her whereabouts. He does not want Sherlock to continue to pine for the woman he thinks is dead and threatens to track Adler wherever she goes until she stops toying with his friend. That neither of them is sexually involved with Sherlock does not lessen the depth of their feelings for him.
Perhaps the love that fans most enjoy watching, if fan fiction and web commentaries are reliable indicators, is that between Sherlock and John. To Cumberbatch, this warehouse confrontation between Irene and John is the most loving scene of all. “It says everything about their relationship, what the love is, the care is…. It’s everything they don’t say to each other but [John] can say to [Irene] thinking that he’s not there. That’s where the romance is a remarkably British affair, it’s remarkably understated subtlety and nuance.”"

Benedict Cumberbatch, in Transition by Lynnette Porter (via sherolck)


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Mads Smoking is the best thing that has ever happened to me X 

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I'd rather be a forest than a street by (Sarah Elizabeth Altendorf)

Through the pass by (petrology)

"Of all the gifts we have received
One is most precious and most terrible
The will of each of us is free
It’s in our hands

And if one day we hear a voice
If he shouold speak again, our silent father
All he will tell us is the choice
Is in our hands.” - Children of Eden

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Bon Iver | Heavenly Father   The Tallest Man on Earth| Love Is All   mewithoutYou | A Glass Can Only Spill What It Contains   Piers Faccini | Uncover My Eyes  mewithoutYou| Wolf Am I! (And Shadow)  Imaginary Cities | Where’d All the Living Go?  Bastille | Sleepsong  mewithoutYou | I Never Said I Was Brave (Acoustic)  Tim O’Brien & Darrell Scott | The Well  mewithoutYou | Torches Together  A Great Big World | Say Something  mewithoutYou | Bullet to Binary  The xx | Together  mewithoutYou | Nice & Blue pt. ii  Piers Faccini | If I   mewithoutYou | O’ Porcupine  James Arthur | Wrecking Ball (cover)  

Bonus: meithoutYou | In A Sweater Poorly Knit



A map of Scandinavia made by an italian year 1565. 


*watching hannigram’s delete scene*



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